Photo of Sun Choe

Milan Mashanovitch
Freedom Photonics

Mashanovitch reflects on how his choice of attending UCSB shaped his future in pursuing unique entrepreneur endeavors.

Photo of Sun Choe

Sun Choe
Norcomp SC

As an entrepreneur running his own company, ECE alumnus Sun Choe tellshow his engineering education has been useful in many unexpected ways.

Photo of Diego Rey

Diego Rey

Rey talks about his UCSB undergraduateexperience, the impact of Los Ingenerios on his life and his motivation to entrepreneurial success.

Photo of John Gerngross

John Gerngross
Condor Engineering

Gerngross shares his advice for entrepreneurial students and what motivates him to stay involved with UCSB's College of Engineering.

Photo of Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernández
NASA Astronaut

Hernández received his M.S. in ECE in 1986. He went on to become an astronaut on the STS-128 Space Shuttle Discovery mission.

Photo of Shuji Nakamura

Shuji Nakamura
Nobel Prize, 2014

Nakamura, professor of materials and electrical & computer engineering, has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics.

Photo of Jeff Blokker

Jeff Blokker
Sandhill Software Dev.

"There’s more vitality in the research in the engineering department at UCSB than I’ve seen in any other place."

Photo of Bobby Brar

Bobby Brar
Teledyne Technologies

"It’s absolutely amazing how the ECE program has risen in quality, stature, and rankings across the world."

Photo of David Wong

David Wong
D2 Technologies

As a successful entrepreneur and holder of three UCSB degrees, Wong shares his insights into the unique attributes of the department.

Photo of Jeff Schlageter

Jeff Schlageter
Project Acceleration

A graduate from ECE's first class, Schlageter reflects about his experience in the department during its formative years.

Photo of Herb Kroemer

Prof. Herbert Kroemer
Nobel Prize, 2000

Kroemer reflects on his background in engineering and receiving the Nobel Prize. He also looks back at the history of the dept and offers advice to students.

Photo of Dennis Monticelli

Dennis Monticelli
Texas Instruments

Monticelli discusses how his education at UCSB has led him to a 35-year career at National Semiconductor and his current involvement in the ECE department.

Photo of Yulun Wang

Yulun Wang
InTouch Technologies

"The education allowed me to start two companies, both of which have been quite successful, and it’s been a source of new talent."

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